memory lane up in the headlights got me reminsing all them good times:D 

Jesus is the one and only way!


My little cousin is learning how to spell right now and he wrote this for me and I didn’t even how to tell him how to spell my name. Proud moment. haha. 

"with Jesus all thing’s are possible"<3

Church camp. <3

Church camp last week in panama city was full of learning about Jesus! A whole bunch of singing, joyfulness, games, swimming, and laying out on the beach! besides all that the real reason we were there was to learn about our lord and savior Jesus it was great we got to learn about Peter and his journeys with Jesus and how he denied him 3 times and it just show’s you how good Jesus really is because he forgave Peter after he had been denied 3 times. there is not a lot of people that can just let it all go and forgive and forget Jesus is the best i hope that everyone comes to know him and going to church camp helped me really realize how good and wonderful Jesus really is.